Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain and Sales software for Pharmaceuticals and other industries IBIS is pleased to present this Business Solution that will effectively manage various business processes for a company. IBIS covers Sales & Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Purchase Management function.

Key Features: Web based integrated solution
Operations based on Role & Scope
Configurable for verticals like Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Industrial Oils etc.
User-friendly GUIs
Integrated Database (RDBMS) across the solution
Management of all Masters by Single User from any Location
User roles can be created
Multiple levels of Security - User level access control for each operation
Purchase (PM), Supply chain Management (SCM), Inventory (IM), Warehouse Management and Sales & Distribution Management (S&D)
Multi-currency option provided
Complete audit trail
Data captured Division-wise (SBU)
Basic level of accounting embedded
User support using OSS
Interface with Legacy/ERP using APIs

Advantages: Web based: Anywhere, Anytime & Any authentic User
Business Continuity: Cyber cafe with Internet Access
Role: Flexible operational philosophy with tight controls on Master data
Scope: Limits company’s exposure
User-friendly GUIs: Ease of operations at the Client-side
Uniform solution: Tight database Integration
User level controls: can be set for each operation within the application
Multi-layer Security: Limits risk of information pilferage
Multi-currency: Uniform sales reporting in single "Base currency"
Audit Trail: RM's Purchase to Sale of FGs
SBU-wise data: Accurate reporting for Analysis
Basic Accounting: Profit Center Analysis
Bar coding of products for ease in tracking
Information Analyzer: Pre-defined fixed format Reports on schedule and "Data Mining" by the users, at will
OSS: Application support from "Anywhere"
APIs: Integration with already existing back-end solutions (ERPs), as well as front-end solutions (Accounting, HR, Payroll, etc.)

Modules/Features: Supply Chain Management Supplier Management
Purchase Indents/Requisitions
Purchase Orders
Production Planning
Goods receipts and goods return
Purchase taxes, tax credits
Payments Inventory Management Stock Control- Expiry, near expiry
Batch/Lot trail
Material Movements - Goods receipts and goods issue
QA/QC Approvals
Inventory costs Sales & Distribution Management Sales & Distribution Management
CFA/CSA/CA/Branch Management
Customer/Stockist/Distributor Management
Customer Credit controls and risk management
Sales, Sales return management
Schemes, discounts and special rate invoicing
Collection and Credit note adjustments Warehouse Management Logical and Physical configurable warehouse
Bar coded automation
Automatic verification Reports and MIS Territory Sales Reports (product groups, products and customers)
Sales Trends
Target vs. Achievements
Receivables Accounting Invoicing at POS and credit notes/debit notes
Debtor control and Outstanding Aging
Branch accounting

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